How to Settle for a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is an advocate whose responsibility is to guide and represent you in getting the best available settlement for injuries incurred due to accident or negligence in both public and private properties. This kind of attorney may also represent you in case you are the one being accused of causing personal injury to other persons. Here are a few tips to guide you in choosing the right personal injury attorney who will help you understand both your rights and obligations within the set legal framework. 

Have a Clear Understanding of the Nature of Your Injury 

Before you settle on a lawyer, it is important to understand what qualifies as personal injury within the law. Generally, there are different kinds of personal injuries which may either be physical or psychological. Similarly, different personal injury lawyers specialize in specific areas of the law Cantini Injury Law For instance, a lawyer who specializes in negligence cases is well suited to represent you in the event of an injury incurred due to use of substandard products. Likewise, a lawyer who specializes in traffic insurance claims is best placed to represent you in personal injury related to traffic accidents.  

Look at Their Track Records 

A good personal injury lawyer has a good track record. Settle on one who is qualified, experienced and is authorised to practice within your state. Ensure that they are part of a personal injury law firm that is licenced. Also, be careful to select one with good work ethics and client relation. Most importantly, research extensively to know the number of similar cases they have handled and won. Simply put, a lawyer who has a high success rate is more reliable and dependable than one who has a low success rate.  

Consider Your Budget 

Different lawyers charge different rates so before you settle on one, be sure you can afford their services. Some charge on an hourly basis while others charge a flat rate so be sure you have a clear understanding of the structure of their final chargeable fee. Also, consult to know their mode of payment too. 

Accessibility and Availability 

It is comforting to know that you can reach your lawyer whenever you need them. Therefore, find one that is easily accessible on phone and through email. Ensure that they work in a law firm that has a reliable, updated and active website where your concerns and enquiries can be addressed promptly. Likewise, it is of paramount importance to get one who practices either in the state you live in or where you got injured for easy accessibility.  

In conclusion, remember to check their reviews. Settle on one who offers other services that you can utilise. This includes free consultation services. As you anticipate that they will do their very best in representing your best interest, be ready to cooperate with them by providing the right information whenever they need it. 


How to decide which hair and beauty schools to go to

There are so many different options for hair and beauty schools out there which may end up making the whole decision-making process for you a bit overwhelming. Before you go ahead and get started in your journey to finding a good and reputable salon that you can be able to go to, make use of the tips below so that you can be able to make the whole process an easier one for you. 

Start by deciding on the program that you want to join

If you are thinking of going to a hair and beauty school, you need to decide which area you want to focus on mostly. Which category or rather which part do you feel that you are comfortable with. Do you want to specialize in coloring, plaiting or styling? The right school that you choose should be able to provide you with a program that you can be able to work with easily and one that is going to suit you best. You should also be able to figure out if you want to become either a nail technician, a cosmetology, barbering or if you want to focus on esthiology. 

Make your checklist a priority

Your checklist should include all the necessary details that are going to be important for you once you get to join the school. You need to decide if you want to be in a program that is going to teach you all the necessary things all at once or if your main concern is how affordable it is going to be for you. You also need to figure out if you are going to choose a school that focuses mostly on job placements or if you will have to figure it out on your own once you are done. Depending on what you will choose to include on your checklist, the best school option for you should have as many ticks as possible.

Take a tour 

Before you can finally settle in on a hair and beauty school to go to, it would be a good idea to take a tour around the campus. You should do this once you have had a look at their website. However, going there in person will give you the chance to learn about a lot of things. You will also have an idea of how it is going to be for you if you choose to commute.

Ask the right questions

When you are touring the campus, you need to make sure that you can ask all the right questions.Your questions can be based on the program, the accreditation of the school, the skills you will learn, the length of the program, if they do job placements among many other questions. 

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College Approves New Lasik Courses To Expand Optomitry Program

Who is the ideal candidate for LASIK surgery?

LASIK eye surgeries are simply good news for the people who are dependent on glasses. They have gone on record to be very successful unlike many other surgical procedures. You only require the services of an experienced and expert eye surgeon to get cured permanently. With so much praise on best Zed Lasik in Singapore, people with eye disorders want to know whether this is the cure for them. Well, maybe yes, maybe no. it all depends on whether you meet the requirements. For sure, this is not the treatment for all. Don’t feel shut out though. You might be on the list of the list of ideal candidates. Just keep reading on.

•    Age factor
Age becomes important in many biological processes. We have to appreciate that people in their early days are still in the process of development. Touching their organs can then hinder normal growth or even cause more complications. The eye of a person below 18 years of age is still growing. Even with certain sight defects, it is recommended not to interfere. An adult who is over 21 years of age is already out of the growth process. Short or long sightedness can easily be corrected using the laser surgeries. Both mild and severe conditions will be corrected. Take note that vision disorders that come with age might not be corrected.

•    Eye disorders
Why do you require the services of a Lasik surgeon? You must be suffering from a certain eye disorder. Not all eye defects can be dealt with by laser technologies. You need to take note of the various conditions that LASIK surgeons effectively treat. However, this is not supposed to discourage you from visiting the LASIK surgeon near you. You are an ideal candidate until proven otherwise. The surgeons normally do comprehensive evaluation procedures before engaging in the surgery to determine who is suited by the procedure and who isn’t. Long and short sightedness are what surgeons effectively treat. 

•    General health
Your health must come to play. That is because the eyes are still part of the body and the impact of the surgery will be noted by the rest of the body. Any eye problems that you have should be communicated to the surgeon. Among these include lazy eye, cataracts, glaucoma, corneal disease, keratoconus, keloid scarring, herpes simplex, muscle imbalance and others. You are also not supposed to have eye injuries or infections. Such conditions will compromise how your immune responds after the surgery.

•    One year of stable vision
LASIK surgery is not something you recommend for emergency treatment. If you have not recorded any changes to the eye vision for the last year, then you are good to go.
To enable the surgeon get the real picture of the condition of your eyes, leave the eyes stable for 2 weeks before the consultation. Don’t even put on the glasses. Your eyes need to be as normal as possible.

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Ten Tips On Learning A New Language In Singapore

The world has been said to be a village. It never dawned on many until recently that things are clear. The only way to survive in a village is by understanding the people living in it. Leaning another language always come as an addition to your resume. Not only is it beneficial to your academics, but also contributive to your lifestyle. Going to a language school is never in vain. You will be able to understand different people from different parts of the world. If you are a businessman having to travel regularly, the other language will do you great benefit.

Normally, an ordinary person requires one language for survival. These days, nobody wants to be the ordinary type. Studying another language or two for that matter will take you the next level. In what way? We are about to find out.

In most cases, you don’t learn another language to boost fluency. It is basically to ensure that you are a better person than what you are when you are unilingual. Your brains get opened up so that your educational and social relationships are taken to the next level.

The science of linguistics is simply supposed to help you express yourself so that others can easily understand you. With one language, one a limited given group of people. These are the only one who can understand you. When you introduce another language, the range is widened. Flexibility and better creativity steps in. Language schools equip you with the skills to fit in different settings. One boosts confidence knowing that the audience understands what he/she is telling them.

To learn another learn Bahasa Indonesia in Singapore, you have to undergo a formal system in a language school. In so doing, you add more pluses in your resume. You have something to use against your competitors. Take this to the bank, once the employers realize that you are bilingual or trilingual, you will have the upper hand over other job applicants. You increase your employability range to the international level. If you understand French and English for example, finding a job can be easy either in England or France. With more skills, it will be easy for you to switch from one job to another. Employers are looking for people who understand the clients and can understand different cultures.

We all have the same brains, but some people never get to make the most of their share. Some require to work out their brains to make progress. The best way to do that is to learn a different Bahasa language. Your brain capacity increases. And these are not just rumors; it is a pure fact. Mental performance skyrockets.

University To Offer New Korean Courses From Singapore Campus

Employing their language as though it’s your key language undoubtedly assist. Any Asian language is believed to be tough to speak especially when you’re English, or you’ve got the western tongue. Different means of Learning Korean Language There are many methods for learning the Korean language. Folks who wish to learn the Korean language will be glad to learn there are some suggestions that will assist them in their journey. Most people who’d love to talk the Korean language have jobs that require they know it.

At the close of the class, students are going to be able to communicate their basic needs in any Arab nation. Using this training course, the students are going to learn how to compose reports effectively to find out much and to acquire high grades. Among other things, potential students have to check how much lessons cost, if they’re available at convenient times and should the manner of the lesson is appropriate for their demands.

Apart from finding out what course a specific Korean school offers, it is a very good idea to do a bit of research on the company itself to ensure you won’t be let down after signing up. If your courses go on for some nights every month, it’s very necessary that you practice all by yourself. To find out what they are on offer, most people turn to the Internet in search of the answer. As an example, you can join in some excellent language courses which may teach you a lot more clearly.

The Korean language school Singapore also provides a range of cultural activities and excursions which make it possible for students to mingle, and there’s the chance to study together too. Personal schools vary, some will make you take a vacation a particular week and others might make it possible for you to decide when you’re able to take it. Many schools also provide cultural pursuits. Though they are discontinuing the use of school uniforms, they are still the rule rather than the exception. New Zealand Korean School of Wellington presents Korean language classes for kids from 4 decades of age along with college students.

Every time a student learns another language, it doesn’t just activate the parts of the brain that are liable for verbal and written communication, but additionally, it activates the regions of the brain that are directly accountable for reasoning, thinking, and numeric comprehension. Through a fun and engaging class, they will have the opportunity to develop their Korean language skills while improving their understanding of traditional and modern Korean culture. After completing Level 2, they can expect to be able to make requests, ask for assistance and discuss their daily schedule of activities. Students who intend to study for over one term should submit an application for the D-4 visa.

Using this Yi Mandarin classes course, the students are going to be able to speak some Korean for a handy campus life and will have the ability to express what they would like to express in Korean. They learn new words and expressions and develop an improved understanding of the language as a whole. Finally, students should select the course that best satisfies their demands. They must take the placement test before the beginning of their classes. They have the opportunity to meet other students from diverse countries and cultures, which can be useful to them after they graduate and become employed. By the end of this course, they will be able to speak properly. Aspiring students who wish to learn different languages can look at these scheduled for 2016.

College Opens Sister Campus In Singapore For Languages

When we talk about the quality of life, this is a way in which one can be able to measure just how good one feels about their life. There are some factors that need to be considered when looking at the quality of life of a particular country. Some of these factors include the physical, the spiritual, the economic and the political well-being of a given country.

Even though Singapore has been found to be one of the smallest countries that are located in the south of Asia, it has grown to be one of the best places you would want to learn and live in. Due to this, many people especially those in other foreign countries are joining different language school Singapore with the main aim of being able to learn not only the different words that people in this country speak but so that they can have the opportunity to learn their culture as well.

Some of the other factors that tend to impact the quality of life

There are some other factors which also play a significant role when it comes to determining the quality of life of a given country. These factors include the following:

  • The education and schools
  • The social and political environment
  • Housing
  • The economic environment
  • The consumer goods
  • Sanitation and health
  • The natural environment
  • Recreation
  • Transportation and public


  • The social-cultural environment

Why joining language school Singapore is a good experience

  • The diversity abounds

Diversity is something that has been accepted in many other countries not only in Singapore. A large percentage of the people in Singapore tend to offer a warm welcome to the people who are visiting their country. For those who are thinking of joining , they should be sure that they are going to be received in the friendliest manner. Also, the unique culture that is obvious is this country is also able to offer a different worldview to different visitors, scholars, and residents who are in Singapore.

  • There is safety

Despite the fact that Singapore is a beautiful, diverse and exciting place to live and learn in, it is also known to be a very good place in terms of how safe it is. This is because there are strict laws that have been put in place so that crime rates in major city streets are kept under control.

  • You always pay for what you get

Even though Singapore is an expensive city, you are always going to be sure that you are going to be getting good value for your money. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the awesome amenities that they are able to provide you with.

College Expands Law Program Based On New DUI Laws

Finding the right lawyer for a drunken driving case will be the most integral part. Finding the right professional who will represent you in the best way possible will not be easy unless you follow the tips below.

This probably sounds like an easy step but not so much. A lawyer could claim to handle DUI cases, but they may lack the expertise and experience you will need. You will need to ask questions regarding how long they have been practicing DUI law if they keep themselves updated on the state laws and regulation and how they will impact your case. If they are not willing to give you specific answers on how the situation will affect you, you can be sure they don?t practice enough to present you.

Approaching a lawyer in your state area means they will be well versed in the laws of this field, which will suit you best. They will be well aware of the current judges and how they pass their rulings, and even though that will not change the law, it could increase the chance of a positive outcome. On the other hand, knowing the prosecutor will be utterly invaluable so ask the lawyer if they know them or what they intend to do about them before stepping in court. It will be much easier when the lawyer knows the judge and prosecutor.

Now, as good as that sounds, you need to be wary because it can also be a negative. If the attorney fails to challenge DUIs aggressively, the prosecutor will probably know about it and will likely not provide them with the best deal. If your lawyer has the reputation of taking a plea deal and not going to trial, it will be very unlikely for the prosecutor to take the case to court.

DUI law is one of the most complex and dynamic areas of litigation in the criminal law, and it changes very frequently. You need to make sure the lawyer is well aware of all the regulations and all the new laws because if they are not, they are not fit to represent you.

Check if the has any experience in drunk driving cases in trial. Ask how many times they have and what the outcome of those cases was. If the higher percentage are won, then you can be confident in them. However, all cases are different, and it will not be a complete guarantee of your win.


Private School Students Lead Enrolment Standards For Fall 2017 Semester

Whether or not private schools make a big difference in society is a question that runs in the mind of many. There are many factors that go into starting a private school which is meant to satisfy the need for it in the first place. So, yes private schools do make a difference in the society, and a big one at that. That was the clear cut answer, but what are the ways in which private school makes a difference?

The world population is as ever on the rise. This continues to increase the need for new amenities like schools, hospitals, infrastructure and more. Public schools are not enough to serve the population that is available in most places. This makes it necessary to have which can absorb part of the community making public schools more manageable. If there were no private schools of any kind, then all those students would have to be incorporated into public schools which would affect the quality of education and put a stretch on the amenities available in the schools.

Research over the years has shown that students coming from the best school are usually more prepared for college education better than those from public schools. It has been demonstrated that even more students that attend private schools can have attained a bachelor?s degree in their 20s. In private schools, the students are put in a more rigorous academic process which makes them college ready, and the translation into college for them becomes easier.

Private schools are known for setting the standard really high. This is good because it makes the public schools have something to look up to. When the standards are high elsewhere the government will make sure that it is doing the best to have the best in public schools so that the children there do not feel segregated. Public schools have to depend on government funds. When the budget is done the school is subjected to some inspections and then the decision is done on how much they will receive to run the school. When the government does not have enough funds it is possible for some of the vote heads to have reduced funds or have some scrapped off altogether.

Monopoly is not good for any market. If the government was to monopolize the education sector, it is possible that there could be more problems. It is the competition that brings better quality services to the people and better prices.


School To Offer Tax Councillors For Students During Month Of March

An insurance policy is one that is meant to last for an agreed period of time. How long the term will last is fully dependent on that the owner wants. It can also be determined by various factors among them mortgage. Many people do not like to talk about these life insurance policies when they are still young. The fact is that during this time, these policies are cheaper and as one gets older, they become more expensive.

They are even more expensive when one has developed some serious illness. Many companies offering these services don?t like taking their chances on people who are ill. They thus make it more expensive for them. Many people will wait until they have grown old and then start thinking of how to apply for these policies. Considering that the term life insurance policy is an important aspect of the financial plan for a person?s life, it is recommended that one should re-think the idea of not applying for one. Below are a few steps that will help one to apply for a term life policy:

There are many ways in which one can calculate the approximate needs. In the event where this becomes challenging, there are experts who can be consulted and they will gladly help you to make the right calculations. Making serious mistakes in this area can lead to serious occurrences in the future. There are people who have made errors only for the insurance policy to become very expensive in the future. With the help of an expert, it will be easy to come up with the insurance coverage that you need.

Once you have the right figures for your  needs, then it?s time to obtain a quote. This can be done online depending on what one will prefer. Once this is done, then you should contact the company?s agent for further details. These representatives will help you to review your personal needs and make sure you have all that you need. They will also be the ones who will help you to start with the application process and also answer anything that may be unclear to you at this point.

This representative will be the one who will guide you through the process. This will include filling the forms that have been sent to you. Once they are done, you have the option of sending them back via the email. In this step, one should make sure the information they give is clear and avoid anything that could be biased. Failure to provide correct information can have devastating consequences and thus should be avoided at all costs.

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Many Americans Seek To Find New Business Ideas In Age Of Trump

A seafood dining establishment business has many risk elements linked with it. From sensitive customers to risk of having the seafood go poor due to absence of proper storage systems, seafood restaurant organisation requires a great deal of preparing ahead. Due to these factors, many investors preferred to go with more flexible company alternatives. This leaves the seafood dining establishment company not significantly crowded, as well as therefore a great service chance for capitalists. In numerous events, the returns obtained from this business typically cover for the threats and expenses sustained when establishing up business. Right here are some of things you will certainly need to bear in mind and consider when intending for an effective fish and shellfish restaurant.

Guarantee that any type of cent that is available in or goes out of your organisation will be accounted for properly if the need must emerge. It will certainly cost you much to initially establish up a stock to start your service with. It will be therefore really necessary to have a financial administration system that will accordingly account for all costs incurred and also the earnings made. Also, ensure that you keep you clients well serviced. Some clients could require that they get their seafood packed for removing. Make certain that your management system enables appropriate packings which the customers will not obtain a program to whine about. The even more the management system handles your customers successfully, the much more you are ensured of developing a devoted consumer base for your service.

There various training workshops that obtain held regularly enough. Ensure that your is always represented in such seminars. This will constantly maintain you updated with the present trends in the fish and shellfish company current fads. You will certainly likewise get to find out the proper management services and get accreditations at the same time.

You will require to get removed by the health and wellness department first off. Here, first, ensure that your restaurant is constantly clean. Use the services of cleansing companies if the demand should arise. Besides that, you will require a business permit from your regional licensing firm. Obtaining licensing and associated clearance will certainly cost you some initial financial debts in your budget. This will, however, show necessary compared to the massive penalties you will certainly need to deal with in instance you are found to be operating without a certificate.

Your clients need to really feel that they fit when appreciating their preferred seafood dishes at 2017. Make sure that your service is safeguarded. This is regards to burglaries, weather conditions like rain or warm sunshine, legal clearances and also quality foods to prevent instances of food poisoning. It is also always advisable to maintain examining your objectives and purposes, to see if you have actually stayed on the right track.

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College Expands Courses With Addition Of Nautical Science Program

Container shipping is one of the most important means of transportation of cargos through sea routes. It has developed to become a necessary means of modern container transportation and cannot be avoided at all. Upon its invention, there are were just a few companies which operated this type of containers. This led to the establishment of a monopoly which would bring about imbalanced trading and cargo transfers. However, in the modern world, this has changed much, and the monopolies no longer exist.

This has led to a complete lack of tension and friction in the whole international cargo shipping community. All the same, there are companies which have emerged to establish themselves in the scales of their operations of the shipping lines which they deal with. Below is a list of companies which has managed to establish themselves;

This company is able abbreviated as NYK and is one of the biggest cargo companies which has operations internationally. This company has been in operation for over a decade having been initiated in the 1870s. It operated a passenger fleet during those days before it was transitioned to become a core cargo shipping company. This was done towards the mid-20th century and has since been a major company in handling this cargo.

This is another big shipping company which is based in China. It is a company which has lasted for several decades having been founded back in 1968 by Dr. Yung-Fa Chang. This is a person who had a vision of the establishment once becoming a successful shipping company and true to his vision, it did. This company has established offices all over the world and has an operational capacity of over 160 container ships. This company is regarded as one of the biggest shipment companies in the world.  Read here about 

This is France leading container shipping company. It was founded back in the year 1978, and it was a resultant merger between previous corporations of the shipping business. One of the influential people who brought the company into existence was Jacques Saade. Up to today, this company boasts of over 350 ships whose operations spans to over 150 routes globally.

This is a shipping company which is based in Denmark. It is a branch of the AP Moller ?Maersk Company. It is known mostly for its large fleet of container and it this can be attributed to its presence in the shipping business having lasted for over a century in the shipping industry. It was founded back in 1904, and at the moment, it has a capacity of around 500 container ships operating all around the world. It has a capacity of around 19000 TEU. This large fleet has enabled the company to establish its presence in the shipping world.  

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Law Students Thrilled with New Marks Showing School As Top In Field

Accidents can be of different classes, some being catastrophic and others being mild. Whatever the accident, there has to be some suffering. The worst part about accidents is that they are irreversible. When they happen, there is no going back. The good news, however, are that they can be prevented; if only people acted reasonably. People, however, tend to misunderstand the law in general matters. They think that only the catastrophic accidents are under personal injury class needing the help of an attorney. However, even the small cases will best suit if a lawyer was involved. Take a look at some of the cases many tend to consider mild.

For any trading transaction to be complete, both parties need to be satisfied with whatever they are getting. Only then will be a signature be considered binding. If one of the parties doesn’t get the product that was anticipated, the party that conducted the sale has to replace the product or give back the money. When people realize that they have been deceived, they take it for granted and let go. That is not advisable to personal injury attorneys. The cost of buying another product is not worth it when the initial purchase can be corrected. Many sellers will pretend to be innocent for such cases. You will need an attorney to dig out the truth an earn compensation.

Sometimes, it’s not about the products like electronics; it’s the food you take at a hotel. People who prepare food for business purposes need to be prudent enough for the safety of the public. That is not a choice but a rule in all governments. If it happens that people suffer from the foods they take at a given hotel, that hotel owner is to be held responsible. Don’t ignore a stomachache after taking food at a hotel the next time you go out for lunch or dinner. You will need compensation for that mistake.

Falling on the floor is not something that humans often do. It’s either the floor is slippery, or the victim is suffering from some illness. Where the latter isn’t the case, someone is then responsible for the fall. The reason to have a culprit here is the injuries that come with falling. Take the example of falling on a staircase. Treatment may be necessary, and death may be the ultimate result. Store and property owners have an obligation to ensure that their floors are slip-free for the safety of the public. When they fail here, a personal injury lawyer has to take action and seek justice for the client.

Animals and pets are to be controlled not to harm others. Pests are also to be eradicated in business places to prevent discomfort ad spread of diseases. If you happen to suffer bedbug bites in a lodging, you have the right to demand compensation. A dog bite when you are not stealing is also a reason to seek compensation.

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Urgent Message From President

The group of Newspapers and TV of the Norwegian mass media VG has just published an accusation of falseness against the Norwegian Dr. Grethe Stoa Birketvedt, Honorary Professor of ASIU, immediately after participation in a TV program of aspartame and after releasing of her book the Body in the Brain. On the back cover of the book, the publisher has written that she is an Honorary Professor of Albert Schweitzer International University. The Body in the Brain is a book about obesity treatment that also mentions that aspartame can make obesity worse. It is no secret the direct relation of the pharmaceutical labs with the mass-media.

This mass-media is trying to bring discredit to the work of Dr. Birketvedt accusing her of using false honorable mentions of our institution, of which it also questions its legitimacy and existence.

Dr. Grethe Støa Birketvedt was distinguished by this institution as Honorary Professor in 2001 in appreciation of her researches about obesity. Later on, she received the Commemorative Medal for her contribution to the improvement of living conditions of the obese people.

Her work in our institution and of the other 200 honorary professors throughout the world that compose it, has always been altruistic and has never received any amount of money for it.

ASIU is registered and in the good standing situation both in Switzerland and in Spain since 2001 as a University for Peace, that only offers studies and courses for Peace, like many other universities in the world. These courses are offered with the collaboration of two accredited universities that are associated with the Foundation: the Medicine Faculty Barceló in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where the Rectorate is, and the European University of Belgrade.

It has never offered studies leading to academic titles. For this reason, it is not referred to any accreditation body or national control. The accusation of falseness is an infantile machination and an infamy that must have been originated by the dishonesty or ignorance of someone who seeks to create a bad image whatever the cost. ASIU has never awarded, nor will do any academic titles, and because of this reason, the accusation of falseness is not presentable. It has only distinguished 200 scientists of the highest level with an honorific distinction. Among them, you could also find the Nobel Prize winner Prof Dr. Ilya Prigogine, who picked it up personally. The high scientific and academic level of these 200 scientists makes obvious that none of them needs to decorate his Curriculum Vitae with our distinction. To say the contrary, as the VG group has insinuated, is an unqualifiable infamy.

For this reason, we make public the original documents that prove our legal situation both in Switzerland and in Spain. In the same way, these documents prove that our foundation is recognized as of “public interest” in Switzerland and Spain, and its approved statutes allow the honorific distinctions.

We also publish for the first time the letter of Rhena Schweitzer, only daughter of Albert Schweitzer, in which she approves all the steps taken as the promoter of the creation of a “University for Peace,” following the model of the University for Peace of Costa Rica, and accepts the appointment of Honorary President.

Dr. Alfonso Roldán Moré