Urgent Message From President

The group of Newspapers and TV of the Norwegian mass media VG has just published an accusation of falseness against the Norwegian Dr. Grethe Stoa Birketvedt, Honorary Professor of ASIU, immediately after participation in a TV program of aspartame and after releasing of her book the Body in the Brain. On the back cover of the book, the publisher has written that she is an Honorary Professor of Albert Schweitzer International University. The Body in the Brain is a book about obesity treatment that also mentions that aspartame can make obesity worse. It is no secret the direct relation of the pharmaceutical labs with the mass-media.

This mass-media is trying to bring discredit to the work of Dr. Birketvedt accusing her of using false honorable mentions of our institution, of which it also questions its legitimacy and existence.

Dr. Grethe Støa Birketvedt was distinguished by this institution as Honorary Professor in 2001 in appreciation of her researches about obesity. Later on, she received the Commemorative Medal for her contribution to the improvement of living conditions of the obese people.

Her work in our institution and of the other 200 honorary professors throughout the world that compose it, has always been altruistic and has never received any amount of money for it.

ASIU is registered and in the good standing situation both in Switzerland and in Spain since 2001 as a University for Peace, that only offers studies and courses for Peace, like many other universities in the world. These courses are offered with the collaboration of two accredited universities that are associated with the Foundation: the Medicine Faculty Barceló in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where the Rectorate is, and the European University of Belgrade.

It has never offered studies leading to academic titles. For this reason, it is not referred to any accreditation body or national control. The accusation of falseness is an infantile machination and an infamy that must have been originated by the dishonesty or ignorance of someone who seeks to create a bad image whatever the cost. ASIU has never awarded, nor will do any academic titles, and because of this reason, the accusation of falseness is not presentable. It has only distinguished 200 scientists of the highest level with an honorific distinction. Among them, you could also find the Nobel Prize winner Prof Dr. Ilya Prigogine, who picked it up personally. The high scientific and academic level of these 200 scientists makes obvious that none of them needs to decorate his Curriculum Vitae with our distinction. To say the contrary, as the VG group has insinuated, is an unqualifiable infamy.

For this reason, we make public the original documents that prove our legal situation both in Switzerland and in Spain. In the same way, these documents prove that our foundation is recognized as of “public interest” in Switzerland and Spain, and its approved statutes allow the honorific distinctions.

We also publish for the first time the letter of Rhena Schweitzer, only daughter of Albert Schweitzer, in which she approves all the steps taken as the promoter of the creation of a “University for Peace,” following the model of the University for Peace of Costa Rica, and accepts the appointment of Honorary President.

Dr. Alfonso Roldán Moré