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Container shipping is one of the most important means of transportation of cargos through sea routes. It has developed to become a necessary means of modern container transportation and cannot be avoided at all. Upon its invention, there are were just a few companies which operated this type of containers. This led to the establishment of a monopoly which would bring about imbalanced trading and cargo transfers. However, in the modern world, this has changed much, and the monopolies no longer exist.

This has led to a complete lack of tension and friction in the whole international cargo shipping community. All the same, there are companies which have emerged to establish themselves in the scales of their operations of the shipping lines which they deal with. Below is a list of companies which has managed to establish themselves;

This company is able abbreviated as NYK and is one of the biggest cargo companies which has operations internationally. This company has been in operation for over a decade having been initiated in the 1870s. It operated a passenger fleet during those days before it was transitioned to become a core cargo shipping company. This was done towards the mid-20th century and has since been a major company in handling this cargo.

This is another big shipping company which is based in China. It is a company which has lasted for several decades having been founded back in 1968 by Dr. Yung-Fa Chang. This is a person who had a vision of the establishment once becoming a successful shipping company and true to his vision, it did. This company has established offices all over the world and has an operational capacity of over 160 container ships. This company is regarded as one of the biggest shipment companies in the world.  Read here about 

This is France leading container shipping company. It was founded back in the year 1978, and it was a resultant merger between previous corporations of the shipping business. One of the influential people who brought the company into existence was Jacques Saade. Up to today, this company boasts of over 350 ships whose operations spans to over 150 routes globally.

This is a shipping company which is based in Denmark. It is a branch of the AP Moller ?Maersk Company. It is known mostly for its large fleet of container and it this can be attributed to its presence in the shipping business having lasted for over a century in the shipping industry. It was founded back in 1904, and at the moment, it has a capacity of around 500 container ships operating all around the world. It has a capacity of around 19000 TEU. This large fleet has enabled the company to establish its presence in the shipping world.  

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