College Expands Law Program Based On New DUI Laws

Finding the right lawyer for a drunken driving case will be the most integral part. Finding the right professional who will represent you in the best way possible will not be easy unless you follow the tips below.

This probably sounds like an easy step but not so much. A lawyer could claim to handle DUI cases, but they may lack the expertise and experience you will need. You will need to ask questions regarding how long they have been practicing DUI law if they keep themselves updated on the state laws and regulation and how they will impact your case. If they are not willing to give you specific answers on how the situation will affect you, you can be sure they don?t practice enough to present you.

Approaching a lawyer in your state area means they will be well versed in the laws of this field, which will suit you best. They will be well aware of the current judges and how they pass their rulings, and even though that will not change the law, it could increase the chance of a positive outcome. On the other hand, knowing the prosecutor will be utterly invaluable so ask the lawyer if they know them or what they intend to do about them before stepping in court. It will be much easier when the lawyer knows the judge and prosecutor.

Now, as good as that sounds, you need to be wary because it can also be a negative. If the attorney fails to challenge DUIs aggressively, the prosecutor will probably know about it and will likely not provide them with the best deal. If your lawyer has the reputation of taking a plea deal and not going to trial, it will be very unlikely for the prosecutor to take the case to court.

DUI law is one of the most complex and dynamic areas of litigation in the criminal law, and it changes very frequently. You need to make sure the lawyer is well aware of all the regulations and all the new laws because if they are not, they are not fit to represent you.

Check if the has any experience in drunk driving cases in trial. Ask how many times they have and what the outcome of those cases was. If the higher percentage are won, then you can be confident in them. However, all cases are different, and it will not be a complete guarantee of your win.


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