Frozen delivery services has been  a popular way to acquire  readily made food making one to enjoy healthy, sweet meals at home, regardless of one’s level of ability to prepare the food. It refers to the process of cooking, preparing and transporting preserved foods to the customers in their place of residence at a fee. The services comes in two methods; delivering prepared, preserved  meal to a home and secondly, delivering  ingredients to be used to make a particular food vancouver delivery service.  

How to prepare frozen food 

It involves the preservation of food through lowering the temperatures to a point where  microorganisms cannot survive. The process is called freezing. In the early days freezing was done by the use of salt and ice. The use of refrigeration currently has led to increased  freezing of foods. Freezing of food commercially has been achieved by use of cold air provided by the rotating fans and metal trays on refrigerated services. For the case of nutritional content, freezing food do not destroy the food instead its vitamins and minerals are maintained. 

Demerits  of food delivery services 

The price- ordering frozen food for more than one person is expensive. One has to incur the cost of the food itself together with the transport fee used to bring the food home. The total cost of the service might be very costly. 

Limited number of meals offered- the food delivery system may have a fewer menu choices hence, a customer may not be able at some point to get the meal they need. With time the menu changes and if one sticks to one system the menu becomes repetitive and in this case one may have to move to a different delivery system to get a different menu. 

The preparation of the meal- one has to cook the meal before consuming. And for the case of the frozen food, it will take a longer time of about an hour to cook. It is advisable to remove the frozen food from the freezer a day before the cooking time. 

 Merits  of the food delivery services 

The health importance- since the meal is prepared earlier, it is easier to know the number of the calories to be added to each meal. A number of food delivery services major their menus on mainly health importance and weight loss. This is an advantage to people who want to lose weight and have a healthy diet. 

The simplicity- the delivery services are very important, you just order a meal, it is delivered and then you consume. One do not have to bother whether they have the ingredients to prepare a certain meal or a recipe on how to prepare the meal. 

Time saving- food delivery services are convenient and more helpful to those people who are very busy and may not find time to get to the market to buy the food, ingredients or even get to the kitchen to cook. 

Helpful to the disabled and the elderly- in this case the food is brought  into the house.