A metal plate is a flat sheet of metal, usually copper, steel or zinc used as a matrix for a print. However, currently the most popular used material currently is an alloy of aluminum with excellent working properties. This property makes it possible to create various designs from the license plates to be used in art. Thus license plates can be used in various artistic creations Rustic Plate.  

Some of the artistic creations from license plate include; 

  • Garage art 

License plates can be used to build a garage door instead of the ordinary metallic or wooden doors. Better still, wall hangings can be made in various designs such as map cutouts. 

  • Gardening equipment 

First, these plates can be molded into gardening containers to add aesthetic to the farm. The plates can be molded into watering cans. 

  • Wall art 

The plates can be used for various wall art designs. One can create framed wall hangings with various messages. The plates can also be designed into a map or a guitar and hang on a wall.  

  • DIY home items 

License plates can be used to customize various house items such as coat racks or flower vases especially with an antique inspiration. 

  • Repurposed furniture 

Repurposed furniture using the license plates has been a trend for a longtime. However, the trend is most popular in studios to give an antique aesthetic. These furniture however can add well to home interior décor through pieces such as coffee tables, book shelves and shoe racks. 

  • Toys 

The plates can be used to create various play items from children especially in the backyard. For instance they can be used to roof tree houses, make swings and toy cars. The plates can also be used to make repurposed beds for children. In the long run, such beds add a decorative aspect to the room and create a child- friendly aesthetic. 

  • Landscaping 

The plates can be used to decorate flower beds by labelling the plants grown in the bed. For public places, the plates can be used to label streets. In addition, the plates can be made into sculptures or topographical maps of public places. These items can then be placed in strategic places on the landscape as aesthetic features. 

  • Customized gifts 

When it comes to gifting, selection of gifts can be a challenge. However, license plates can make lovely customized gifts. When used in combination with other materials such as wood or glass for the background it can make lovely wall clocks or customized name tags as a customized gift. They can also be customized into wall hanging sculptures or portraits. 


License plates are a very popular art item especially in European countries right from studios to home décor. The range of items that can be created from them is endless as far as one’s creativity is concerned. These items create a beautiful antique theme but can also be incorporated into modern décor.