ALBERT SCHWEITZER UNIVERSITY was founded in October 1999 as a non-profit making institution with headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland). In July 2002 was incorporated in Spain as a Foundation.  The opening of the University crowned a series of educational initiatives inspired by the figure of the Nobel Prize award winner. Learning centers worldwide were precursors of the new ALBERT SCHWEITZER UNIVERSITY.

Almost 126 years after the birth of the man who was one of the most influential leaders of his generation in the search for peace, a University inspired by his renaissance spirit has been founded. This has been made possible thanks to the support and efforts of so many who cherished the idea of a University inspired by his ideals.

But how was this University to be structured? Even amongst its promoters, it took time to reach consensus. On the threshold of the twenty-first century, in the midst of the electronic revolution, it made little sense to create a traditional University in competition with the long-established state Universities.

Pacifism and humanitarianism were to be the hallmarks of our University, a University that has assumed a commitment to supporting the academic needs and initiatives of the poor countries of the world, and a commitment to the search for funding and subsidies required by those Universities most in need. This is the model for action that our Nobel Prize winner offers. Public honors and distinctions had no place in the scheme he proposed.

Geneva provides a great counterpoint for the project. But not as a site for a traditional University campus with academic staff and superior facilities.

Traditional academic classes will, in fact, be but a small part of our activities. ASIU does not grant academic degrees. It only organizes summer courses and collaborates with affiliated universities in the organization of their courses. The academic policy of the University has been to establish agreements with educational centers that are identified with our project. Today we can count on the support of a network of educational centers that permit us to offer our courses in collaboration with them.

The President with China Schweitzer-Miller, daughter of Nobel Prize Winner, Albert Schweitzer A further objective is to promote forums, projects and courses that study and promote the philosophy that inspired the work of Albert SCHWEITZER. As a first step, the University has created an annual Science and Peace Award and a Peace Honorary Doctorate. The University is committed to finding the necessary patrons to fund other relevant awards. This then is our University for Science and Peace, grounded in the ideals the man born 126 years ago whose life work marked a watershed in the recent history of Humanity.