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Who is the ideal candidate for LASIK surgery?

LASIK eye surgeries are simply good news for the people who are dependent on glasses. They have gone on record to be very successful unlike many other surgical procedures. You only require the services of an experienced and expert eye surgeon to get cured permanently. With so much praise on best Zed Lasik in Singapore, people with eye disorders want to know whether this is the cure for them. Well, maybe yes, maybe no. it all depends on whether you meet the requirements. For sure, this is not the treatment for all. Don’t feel shut out though. You might be on the list of the list of ideal candidates. Just keep reading on.

•    Age factor
Age becomes important in many biological processes. We have to appreciate that people in their early days are still in the process of development. Touching their organs can then hinder normal growth or even cause more complications. The eye of a person below 18 years of age is still growing. Even with certain sight defects, it is recommended not to interfere. An adult who is over 21 years of age is already out of the growth process. Short or long sightedness can easily be corrected using the laser surgeries. Both mild and severe conditions will be corrected. Take note that vision disorders that come with age might not be corrected.

•    Eye disorders
Why do you require the services of a Lasik surgeon? You must be suffering from a certain eye disorder. Not all eye defects can be dealt with by laser technologies. You need to take note of the various conditions that LASIK surgeons effectively treat. However, this is not supposed to discourage you from visiting the LASIK surgeon near you. You are an ideal candidate until proven otherwise. The surgeons normally do comprehensive evaluation procedures before engaging in the surgery to determine who is suited by the procedure and who isn’t. Long and short sightedness are what surgeons effectively treat. 

•    General health
Your health must come to play. That is because the eyes are still part of the body and the impact of the surgery will be noted by the rest of the body. Any eye problems that you have should be communicated to the surgeon. Among these include lazy eye, cataracts, glaucoma, corneal disease, keratoconus, keloid scarring, herpes simplex, muscle imbalance and others. You are also not supposed to have eye injuries or infections. Such conditions will compromise how your immune responds after the surgery.

•    One year of stable vision
LASIK surgery is not something you recommend for emergency treatment. If you have not recorded any changes to the eye vision for the last year, then you are good to go.
To enable the surgeon get the real picture of the condition of your eyes, leave the eyes stable for 2 weeks before the consultation. Don’t even put on the glasses. Your eyes need to be as normal as possible.

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